AWS Certified Solution Architect

Cloud computing describes an on-demand delivery of IT resources hosted over the internet.

AWS Certified Solution Architect ( AWS Solution Architect ) Course Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has changed the market dynamics for businesses and consumers globally. AWS has now become the de-facto standard or strategy for enterprises globally to ensure their services are run 24/7 round the clock irrespective of the geographical location. With companies using the AWS platform to deliver on-demand cloud computing services on a paid subscription basis, it needs employees who have an in-depth understanding of the AWS platform.

Course Prerequisites

In order to successfully complete the course, it is recommended for individuals to have:

  • Working knowledge of networking, storage, database, and compute on AWS services
  • Working knowledge of AWS deployment and management
  • Understanding of AWS cloud and basic architectural principles
  • Knowledge of Best practices to build secure and reliable apps on AWS
  • Experience in different AWS services for particular technical requirement
  • Basic skills of Linux and 1-year experience in any programming language

Key Features of AWS Solution Architect Certification Course

  • Instructor-led AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training
    Get access to a free preview to learn AWS concepts
  • Expert AWS instructors across the globe
  • Accredited AWS Solutions Architect course material prepared by SMEs
  • Get practical experience through AWS lab sessions
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Sample papers provided
  • Industry-recognized Course Completion certificate provided
  • Take advantage of 1-to-1 training and Fly me a Trainer option
  • Training provided across 100+ locations globally

Learning Objectives of AWS Solution Architect Training

  • Widely-recognized AWS Certification delivered with Expert Instructors
  • Achieve an in-depth understanding of designing and scaling AWS services across platforms
  • Move ahead in your career as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • Expert AWS instructors and practical lab sessions to help you to clear your AWS SAA C0-2 examination
  • Engage with other professionals from various industry sectors to gain a proper
  • understanding of how AWS is being used in today’s technologically evolving business landscape

Exam Format

Exam Code SAA C0-2
Certification Name AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
Exam Type Multiple Choice and Multiple response questions
Exam Cost USD 150 (Practice Exam: USD 20)
Practice Exam Cost USD 20
Total Questions 65 Questions
Exam Duration 130 Minutes
Languages English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean