Cloud Cost Optimization

Effective cloud cost optimization isn't just about reducing expenses, it's about investing in the right resources and maximizing the value of your cloud investment.


Cloud cost optimization involves identifying areas where costs can be reduced without compromising the quality or performance of the cloud infrastructure. This can include optimizing resource usage, selecting the right pricing model, monitoring and adjusting usage patterns, and identifying and eliminating unused or underutilized resources.

We at Nascent Global believe that cloud cost optimization should be an ongoing process that is integrated into an organization's overall cloud management strategy. By optimizing costs, businesses can free up resources to invest in innovation and growth, ultimately leading to a more competitive and successful organization.


Cloud cost optimization typically involves a range of capabilities and techniques that can help organizations reduce their cloud expenses while maintaining optimal performance and availability. Some of the key capabilities offered by our team under cloud cost optimization include.

Resource Optimization

This involves identifying and optimizing underutilized or inefficiently configured resources, such as virtual machines, storage, and databases. By right-sizing resources, organizations can reduce their cloud costs without compromising performance.

Usage Monitoring and Management

This involves monitoring cloud usage patterns to identify opportunities to reduce costs, such as scheduling non-critical workloads to run during off-peak hours or identifying idle resources that can be shut down.

Pricing Model Selection

This involves selecting the right pricing model for different cloud services, such as choosing reserved instances for predictable workloads or spot instances for non-critical workloads.

This involves automating cloud infrastructure management tasks, such as resource provisioning and de-provisioning, to reduce the risk of human error and optimize resource usage.

Cost Allocation and Chargeback

This involves allocating cloud costs to different business units or projects and providing detailed cost reports to help organizations make informed decisions about their cloud spending.